Gunslinger Girl 1-Fratello - Big Brother, Little Sister
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” The Organisation for Social Welfare is saving the lives of young girls and transforming them into Cyborgs. As Cyborgs, they work for the government and execute special assignments.”

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5 Responses to “Gunslinger Girl 1-Fratello - Big Brother, Little Sister”

  1. There is no section for the show in the “sight problems” msg bord. I hope some one will reads this that can do somthing about it, but I am un able to get any to work. Thay all read “error”. Sorry for the bother.

  2. this series is great… if youre just starting to watch it, keep watching. gotta be one of the most intense, deepest shows ive ever seen.

  3. LOL these little girls are bad@$$es

  4. doesnt work

  5. This video wouldn’t load!! And I was really looking forward to watching this….

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