Blood+ 50-Nankurunaisa
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Blood.jpg BLOOD+ image by lucia_andrada

With her sister dead, Saya prepares to kill Diva’s babies as well. Before she can, Kai begins to try and convice her to spare her nieces and live on with them. He also manages to get Hagi to tell Saya how he truly feels. As things come to an end, Saya must make her decision. End the line of Chiropterans, or live on an coincide with humans. What will she do?

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5 Responses to “Blood+ 50-Nankurunaisa”

  1. next blood++

  2. OH. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad, but all in all, a great ending to a beautiful and wonderful series. I LOVE BLOOD+!!!

  3. Too much filler in this show, but the last three episodes thoroughly redeemed it in my eyes. Great ending!

  4. Well i just spent the last 22 minutes bawling my eyes out :D
    I knew he would be alive!!!
    so much love for this anime <3

  5. I love this anime! It’s the perfect mix of romance, action and drama! Not to mention all the awesome gory-ness.

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