Ergo Proxy 10 - Cytotropism
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Daedalus is dismissed when the Bureau find out about him concealing the dead Proxy’s body intentionally. He then looses his reason to exist having lost both Proxy and Re-l Mayer.
Raul is angry with the council for looking the other way about Proxy because of the disappearance of Re-l Mayer.
Raul searches for Daedalus as he knows he has the information he needs, he finds out that Daedalus is responsible for the electrical outage - a plan of Daedalus’ to try and revive Proxy with the energy received. Raul also finds out that Daedalus faked Re-l Mayer’s death certificate and that she is still alive securing supplies outside of the utopia. Raul consequently reinstalls Daedalus to work for him on Proxy.

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